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Suitable for all NZ Drivers & Transport Operators

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News Flash: Preliminary approval for Offline Logbook use has been granted by NZ Transport Agency - July 2019.

Watch this space!


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No More Paper

It's a drivers work diary that's simple to use, helps remove the hassle and keeps you up to date.

Simple Timers

No more calculating when your next Break needs to happen. Easy to understand Timers tell you
exactly how long to go in hours & minutes.


Informed with a glance

Unique to Logmate, our Traffic light colour scheme means you know, at a glance, what your current status is. No squinting required.

Notified when needed

Intelligent Alarms give you a heads up when you need to Take a Break, End a Break, even when you need to End work for the day.

Never lost. Always available.

All logbook data is stored safely in the cloud so you can access it when-ever and from where-ever.