Author: Ellen Quirke
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2020

Invest In All Your Work-Tools; Including Your Mobile Device

Your work-tools require investment and upkeep; your mobile device is no different.

As most people are aware the world of technology moves at a rapid pace. While this is a major benefit of technology it does come with its challenges, including the risk of getting left behind. We want to provide the information you need to make sure you are able to continue enjoying the benefits of the Logmate Digital Logbook now and in the future.

We consider ourselves an actively managed app. This means that our development team is continually working in the background to improve the Logmate Digital Logbook App and its functions. This includes making changes as required, fixing any bugs that crop up quickly to minimise interruptions to service and introducing new features and functionality to continue to provide a top-shelf Digital Logbook.

As we continue to develop the Logmate App to perform at its best and provide all the tools you require as a commercial driver, new versions of the Logmate Digital Logbook App will be released. As each new App Version is released newer technology (both hardware and software) is going to be required from you as a user.

Investing In Your Work-Tools

As a commercial driver, you have several work-tools that help you be successful and safe in your profession. This can include:

  • Yourself (professionalism, clothing, personal care etc)
  • Your vehicle
  • Any website/marketing material
  • Your mobile device (access to compliance and facilitation platforms)

Each of these areas has a profound impact on how you operate as a commercial driver. Let’s take a close look at your vehicle as an example.

Investing In Your Vehicle

Your vehicle can be your pride and joy. Not only does the upkeep of the vehicle show your professionalism but it is also the primary tool you use to earn an income. If your vehicle isn’t available to use then you aren’t earning money, as simple as that. So what do you do to ensure your vehicle is up to scratch? You:

  • Research the most cost-effective, safe and reliable model when looking to purchase a new vehicle
  • Do self-inspections to monitor any changes
  • Schedule regular services and maintain it at COF/WOF standard
  • Upgrade your vehicle when required

The reward for putting the investment (both time and money) into your vehicle? Knowing that it is safe to operate and it will be available for you to earn money more often, rather than sitting at the mechanics costing you money.

Photo by Adam Stefanca on Unsplash

Is Your Mobile Device Any Different?

Simply put all of your work-tools play a part in your ability to operate as a commercial driver. While one may take priority over another from time to time, they are all still very important.

If you are using Logmate for your logbook solution your mobile device becomes a vital work-tool. So you should follow the same steps you use for your vehicle for your mobile device and:

  • Research the most cost-effective and reliable model of mobile device
  • Ensure it is well taken care of and always operational
  • Keep the operating system and all applications up to date
  • Upgrade your mobile device when required

So What Should You Do?

We aren’t saying you have to go out and buy the most expensive top of the line mobile device. Often times the most expensive options are only that because they have the best cameras, biggest screen and highest resolution. But as a work-tool, you don’t need all the bells and whistles. You just need a reliable device that uses up-to-date technology, with features that ensure you have:

  1. Reliable internet connectivity (especially through mobile data)
  2. Accurate GPS coordinate location information
  3. Storage of log-in information to utilise quick login methods
  4. Uninterrupted use of Logmate as new updates are rolled out

Also, remember if you are operating as a sole trader you can claim the purchase of the mobile device as work-tool and benefit from the initial purchase price and on-going depreciation.

At the end of the day, you should ensure you have sufficient investment into all your work-tools including your mobile device. If you aren’t sure or want more information feel free to reach out to the Logmate Customer Support Team. Alternatively, you can always head into your local telecommunications company and have a chat to them about what you are needing out of a mobile device (just show them the list above) to ensure you are making the right choice.