About Tierra Technologies

Founded in late 2012, we set out on a mission to change how Drivers went about keeping a logbook and staying safe.

We are a small, multi-disciplinary team of people, spread out all over the world. Global HQ is Matakana, just north of Auckland. We have team members in Japan, USA, India and Gulf Harbour.

Big ambitions

Our aim is to never stop striving to improve what we offer and how we go about it. From the outset, we have always looked at things in our own way.

Our plans for the platform are immense; we keep focus by tackling things in small chunks. We are getting better at it and I’m sure all of our loyal customers will attest to the lessons learned and improvements that have been made, particularly recently.

Our History

Because things don’t just happen over night.

They do happen though, when you keep working at it…

… and we aren’t done yet, by any means.


Aug 2012

Founders (Matt & Greg) start chatting about setting up a Taxi Hailing App similar to those that had recently appeared in the US & Australia

Oct 2012

Founders identify logbooks as key to overall opportunity

Dec 2012

NZ Transport Agency publish specs (1.0) enabling Alternate means of recording work-time to be approved and used by Drivers


Mar 2013

NZ Transport Agency update specs (1.1)

Apr 2013

Logmate application submitted to NZTA for approval

Aug 2013

Greg takes reins as Managing Director


May 2014

Logmate approved by NZ Transport Agency

Jun 2014

Logmate officially launches with iOS & Android mobile Apps

Aug 2014

Business runs out of capital

Dec 2014

Total Users: ~360


Mar 2015

Move platform to AWS (Sydney)

Dec 2015

Total Users: ~435


Dec 2016

Total Users: ~1,000


Jan 2017

Greg buys Matt shares in business

Oct 2017

New passenger service rules come into effect.

Uber & Zoomy come onboard

Dec 2017

Total Users: ~4,750


Nov 2018

Ola launches in New Zealand and signs up to use Logmate

Dec 2018

Total Users: ~ 10,650


Jan 2019

Beta testing starts on v2.0 of the mobile Apps

Feb 2019

Version 2.0 of the mobile Apps launched

Migrated Customer Support onto Intercom

Jul 2019

Preliminary approval from NZTA to support Offline logbook use

Aug 2019

Moved subscription & payments to Chargebee

Dec 2019

Replace Backend & PostgreSQL database with Google Cloud & Firebase


Mar 2020

Launch v2.0 of mobile Apps


Jun 2021

Planned launch of new Platform