Author: Ellen Quirke
Date: Mon, 25 May 2020

6 Major Benefits Of The Logmate Digital Logbook

When it comes to compliance and legal requirements, making major decisions can be quite daunting. And deciding which Logbook Compliance Tool to use is a big choice for a commercial driver. The original paper logbook has been a comfortable tool for many in the industry for a long time. While it still maintains your basic level of legal requirements it is severely limited in what additional value it can add. As a driver, making the switch to digital can have a significant positive impact on your daily operations.

Digital logbook tools are the way of the future. We are already seeing how technology is revolutionizing many industries around the globe. On top of that, there are major technological developments happening in the transportation industry with increasing use of fleet management, telematics and job provisioning just to name a few. So here is a list of the top six reasons why you should join Logmate and go digital for your logbook compliance requirements.

1. Minimise The Chance Of Error

All calculations of work-time balances are done automatically. This means no more having to add up shift work time balances and no more subtracting break times from your cumulative work-day to find out work time. The readability of handwriting also no longer matters with all entries being typed clearly for anyone to understand.

2. Driver, Transport Operator Connection

When a driver ends and locks each shift in the Logmate Digital Logbook the shift record will automatically be emailed to the TSL holders of any vehicles driven during the shift. A Transport Operator does not need to have an account with Logmate in order to enjoy the ease of receiving logbook copies from drivers. However, a Transport Operator Account is free and solves the issue of storage.

3. Paperless

We will even store all your logbook records for free indefinitely, even if you no longer have a paid Digital Logbook subscription!! We utilise secure cloud storage for all Logbook records made with Logmate. This means records will always be accessible to you from anywhere. So you no longer have to worry about where to store logbooks, making sure they are safe and you have access to them. You can do it all from your phone, tablet or computer.

4. Real-Time Feedback

As part of the Digital Logbook product, drivers receive real-time feedback on work time and rest time balances. This is done through push notifications, countdown timers and a traffic light colour scheme that shows if you are compliant or not at a glance.

5. Price and Flexibility

Logmate is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company. This means we have a transparent pricing structure, no contracts, no minimum terms and no minimum spends. Every day we make sure our customers are happy and satisfied, knowing that if we don’t they are free to leave and find a better solution at any time.

6. Continual Improvements

Being a SaaS business also allows us to continue to improve our platform and develop more tools and functionality for our customers both current and future. Which means we are able to quickly act on feedback and make the tools that the community wants and needs. As of the writing of this post, we are currently working on a major redevelopment of the Logmate Platform that will totally transform and simplify all aspects of compliance for everyone in the Transportation Industry